Deadpool Katana: A Look at the Movie Sword

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The most recent Deadpool movie from Marvel was a resounding success. The movie showed that a comic book inspired film could prove to be popular despite having a 15 rating. There have, of course, been other adult comic book films - Blade and Watchmen - for example. Like those two films, Deadpool also uses the anti-hero as the main focus point rather than a more traditional super hero. It was, of course, a big gamble for Fox studio took to make Deadpool a film for adults, but the popularity of the film goes some way to showing film studios that comic book films made for adults can still make a healthy profit. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Deadpool’s Katana.


I, like most people, love films, but I’m definitely not a film expert. I do do my best to keep up-to-date with swords, and I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about them. Deadpool is a fascinating character: he’s a loveable rogue who’s far more likeable than most holier-than-thou comic book characters. Deadpool uses a variety of guns and Samurai swords on his quest for revenge. The choice of a Katana is an excellent option for a swift and deadly assassin looking to reap as much carnage as possible in a short amount of time. The preferred weapon of the Samurai class was designed to be a one-cut one-kill weapon. If you’re looking to wield a sword which is capable of removing a villain's head with one decisive cut, then the Katana is the obvious choice.

Deadpool Katana: Duel-Wield Fun

In the film, Deadpool uses two Samurai swords to great effect. Because it’s a film, Deadpool has no problems sheathing and unsheathing the Katana from his back. In reality, a back-sheathed Katana is nearly impossible to draw easily; the average human arm is far too short. If Michonne from the walking dead needed to unsheathe her sword in a hurry, chances are she would have caused herself a serious injury on more than several occasions.

Deadpool Katana: Tactical Weapons

To avoid the issue with unsheathing a sword from your back, the Ko Katana becomes the perfect choice. Despite some misconceptions, the Ko Katana was not a weapon used by the Samurai as some sources would suggest. They are a modern interpretation of the Katana designed for tactical use. What most people tend to think of as a historical Ko Katana is in fact a Wakizashi. A Ko Katana is a blend of the two swords, taking elements of each to create a weapon that has a relatively short blade and a long handle for two-handed use. The Ko Katana can be drawn quickly and is perfect for close quarters combat. It’s the ideal choice for Deadpool, allowing him to be nimble and show off his superior reflexes and training.

So, does Deadpool use a Ko Katana in the film? The answer is maybe. Sometimes it looks like the blade is relatively short, while in other part of the film the blade looks longer. It wouldn’t surprise me if they used multiple swords for different shoots to allow for a more aesthetically pleasing visual effect.

deadpool katana

The film version of the Deadpool Katana differs slightly from the comic book version. In the film, the swords seem to have unwrapped handles, while, in the comic books, the handles use a more traditional diamond wrap.

Deadpool Katana: Official Movie Swords

Whether or not Deadpool is using a Katana or a Ko Katana in the films, it almost goes without saying that the swords are used to great and violent effect. Just like Logan (Wolverine), Deadpool likes to take the fight into melee range and put his swords to good use. As soon as the guns run dry, the twin blades come out, and the samurai blood bath begins.

There are no ‘official’ genuine Deadpool samurai swords available at the moment, but there are plenty of cosplay versions as well as some carbon steel models available.

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