Sasuke Uchiha: The Vigilante Survivor (Naruto Character)

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Sasuke Uchiha (うちは サスケ) is a key character in the Naruto series.  Raised in a powerful ninja family -- most of whom were murdered by his older brother before the series began -- Sasuke is one of the most popular Naruto characters.

Sasuke is a key rival of the series' protagonist, Naruto, and is largely driven by a desire to avenge the murder of his family. With the goal of killing his older brother as revenge, Sasuke is set from the get-go on gaining more power and skills, building himself up and challenging the strongest opponents he can find, to test and increase his growth.

Known to be cold and quiet by nature, Sasuke develops into an antagonist as the series progresses, at times showing cruelty to others and a menacing way of dealing with situations. His constant quest for power also isolates him from others, leaving him sometimes irrational and difficult for others to be around.

In Part I of the Naruto series, he shows an ability to learn imperceptible movements at a rate unseen in other humans. He also possesses a unique offsenvie technique (Chidori) involving lightning. Due to the large amount of power needs to execute Chidori, Sasuke can only perform the technique twice per day before needing to recharge. (He later increases this as his powers grow).

Sword Skill

Over time, Sasuke dedicates himself to intense training.   Having always been very capable defending with a sword, as he grows into adulthood he also develops immense skill in wielding his Sword of Kusanagi, even being able to flip mid-fight between reverse grip and normal grip.  

Sword of Kusanagi - Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Sword
Sword of Kusanagi - Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Sword

Over time, Sasuke and Naruto develop a mutual respect, and whilst they are rivals at many points, are also friends.

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