Watch Genji's Sword Being Forged

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2016 saw the release of the now hugely successful Overwatch first-person shooter. Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch contains several unique and memorable characters in its roster, with each possessing a set of unique and special skills along with differing mechanics and weaponry.

The ever-popular YouTube channel Man at Arms: Reforged has released an informative and fascinating look at forging Genji’s signature Odachi.

While it’s widely accepted that Overwatch is a first-person shooter, many of its roster's line-up don’t use traditional guns. The game's resident cyborg-ninja, Genji, uses a sword-throwing star combination in order to accomplish his role as a damage-inflicting offensive hero.

According to Overwatch lore, Genji’s Odachi is named Ryu-ichimonji and has never been inspected, examined, or repaired by anyone other than Genji. However, that hasn't put a stop to the guys behind Men at Arms from making an attempt at forging the legendary weapon.

This build was particularly tricky due to the traditional elements involved with forging the sword and the modern-day tech that would allow for the glowing green strip that runs the length of the blade.

Genji is said to be a ninja from a centuries-old clan, who after a near-fatal fight is turned into a cyborg. The theme of bring together old and new is a prominent feature of the character's weapons and armor.
In order to forge this sword, traditional blacksmithing methods are used in conjunction with more modern techniques in order to make sure the sword is as genuine as it can be. Once the sword's forging is finished, the sword is further enhanced with a set of LEDs under a sheet of plexiglass in order to create the green strip featured in the game.

In case you’re wondering what an Odachi is, it’s in some ways similar to a traditional Katana, but far larger.

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