We're having our biggest and ONLY sale of 2020: Friday 20th November until Monday 23rd November.  Huge savings on all swords, store-wide. Discount codes below.

Below are the terms of this specific sale, as well as Sale FAQs.  See below for the details, or click here to start shopping

Sale Info

  • MASSIVE SAVINGS on all swords everything store-wide. Simply use discount codes BELOW to get either 15% or 20% off. 

    Simply use the discount codes below -- the more you buy, the more you save! Discount codes:
    - Get 15% off 1 or 2 swords using discount code “SALE2020
    - Get 20% off 3 or more swords using discount code “BIGSALE2020

    To get the discount, simply add products to your cart, then use the discount code above at checkout (if you have 1 or 2 swords, use the first discount; if you have 3 or more, use the second to get an even bigger discount).

  • Sale begins 12:01 am Friday 20th November US EST, ends 11:59pm Monday 23rd November US EST.

Terms and Conditions
No extensions. Not applicable with any other offers or discounts. Other discount codes acquired separately will not be eligible for redemption during the sale. Only discounts from this sale can be redeemed during the sale. 

We are not able to retroactively apply discounts - for example if you purchase the day before or after the sale, we are not able to apply the discounted pricing. Discounted pricing applies only during the sale.

Our standard terms and conditions also apply. Click here to start shopping.

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Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be assured this will arrive before X date (Christmas, Hanukkah)?
While we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date, our delivery times for most swords are 7-14 business days after order. There may be delivery delays due to high demand and COVID-19, so the sooner your order is placed, the sooner it'll arrive to you.  

How do I get the discounts?
Simply check out and enter the discount code shown above under 'Discount Codes" on this page. Depending on how many you order, you can get either 15% off (1-2 swords) or 20% off (3 swords or more). See above for the specific discount codes. 

What types of Engravings can you do?
We can do up to 15 characters in English, Chinese, or Japanese. We are unable to do complex engravings like pictures. If you really need more than 15 characters, please Contact Us.

I like this sword, but I want to change... 
Sorry, no customizations during the sale.  If you want a customized sword, please contact us after the sale and we will give you a quote.  Please note that customizations will be based on the full price of the sword and may incur a customization fee.

Is the package anonymous? I don't want the recipient to know what's inside!
All packages are well-marked for easy customs clearance. If there is a good chance of the item being delivered to the recipient, we recommend sending the package to a work address or a friend's/relative's house.

What is/why Customs? Will it delay my package?
As most traditional swordsmiths reside in Asia, our swords come from overseas. This ensures the swords' quality, but also means they will go through customs, which may take up to 4 days and could raise some fees. For more details on Customs, including fee estimates, read here.

Do you Gift Wrap?/Can I add a message?
As all packages must be well marked for customs (see above questions), we are not able to offer gift-wrapping or messages inside of the packaging.  Feel free to add this yourself after the order arrives (for example you could wrap up the box and add a card before giving it to the recipient), but for shipping purposes this is not something we can do on our end. 

Is this a good present for my mature/teenage child?
Our swords are NOT toys and are not suitable for minors. They can be given only to those of legal age. Please see here for legal information

I really want to give one to my spouse/significant other, but I'm worried about the young children's safety.
So are we! For this reason, we recommend storing it in a locked room, safe, or display case where it cannot be accessed by children. If it is meant to be on display in the open, we recommend selecting the BLUNT option at checkout (it's free!) and the sword will be prepared unable to cut (it's still heavy though, so treat it like you would any other large movable object as far as children are concerned).

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