The Kora Sword: Curved Nepalese Chopper

A unique-looking sword with a fanned, heavy tip, the Kora sword originated in Nepal and was used for battles as well as ceremonies.

Design and Use: Slicing and Cutting

The Kora sword is long - normally around 74cm (30 inches) in total, with the blade alone measuring around 56cm (22 inches).

The forward-angled blade originated in Nepal in the 1700's. Unlike many other popular swords whose blade is sharpened on the outside edge, the Kora's sharp side is on the inside of the blade. With a flared tip curving forward, the sword wasn't useful for thrusting, but the forward-weight gave it a powerful downward cut and slicing prowess.

The weighting of the sword made it ideal for slicing and cutting, especially downwards.

Today's Uses and Popular Culture

With the advent of many more versatile swords, Koras are no longer used in battle today, but are still sometimes used ceremonially or as gifts.

The Kora has been featured in video games and movies such as Assassin's Creed, as well as on the TV show forged in fire where contestants were tasked with forging their very own Kora:

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