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Tengen Uzui - Demon Slayer Replica Swords

Thanks for the 5-star rating Odalys, we appreciate it!

--The American BladesPro Team

Pretty Nice

Wasn’t too big but wasn’t too small either, plus it’s just the weight I expected it to be. Awesome

Hi Michael,

Thanks for leaving us a review. Glad to hear that the size and weight are just perfect for you. Hope you enjoy your new sword!

--The American BladesPro Team

Beautiful sword

That was my son's second sword in that collection, we love them and will order more.

Hi Lana,

Thanks so much for being a loyal customer. We're thrilled to know that you and your son are happy with the swords. Feel free to get in touch if there's anything we can help you with.

--The American BladesPro Team

They were fire🔥

Hi Cole,

Awesome feedback! Couldn't agree more. The Zangetsu swords are surely a must have for any Bleach fan. Have fun with your new sword!

--The American BladesPro Team

Decorative Wooden Sword Stand for Katana, Wakizashi and tanto swords

Thanks for the 5-star rating, Christopher!

--The American BladesPro Team


This is so amazing! It came pretty early and it is in very good condition! I'm loving the twin blades and I'm such a huge fan of Bleach!

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Good to hear that it arrived early. These are definitely a fan favorite for Bleach fans like you. Enjoy!

--The American BladesPro Team

Amazing. Quality

The blades where alot bigger than i expected and it was a blast i finally got used to the weight and can now spin them around

Hi Octavio,

We're glad that you're enjoying your Zangetsu sword. It sure is fun to have such a hefty sword. Thanks leaving your feedback!

--The American BladesPro Team


I am very impressed with the craftsmanship. It was the perfect gift for my Anime loving daughter, who loves it, and I could not ask for much more.

Hi Scott,

So glad to hear that your daughter loved it! Thanks for appreciating our product and leaving your feedback.

--The American BladesPro Team

Zangetsu Kurosaki Bleach Sword - White Handle

Thanks for the 5-star rating Naomi! Enjoy your new sword.

--The American BladesPro Team

Absolutely the best

It was more then I was hoping for I love the blades and can very easily recommend them to anyone who is a fan of bleach.

Hi Brevin,

Thanks for leaving us your feedback. You can never go wrong with these Zangetsu swords if you're a Bleach fan. Happy to hear that you love them.

--The American BladesPro Team

Very happy.

Christmas present for my girlfriend and she was very happy with it. Came exactly when they said it would.

Hey Mark!

Great to hear that the sword arrived on time and that your girlfriend was happy with it. Feel free to come back and browse for other interesting swords both of you might like. Thanks for feedback!

--The American BladesPro Team



Dope Sword

Got it for my partner for Christmas. Good quality and the packaging kept it secure. I didn't get a tracking number for when it shipped but it arrived in about two weeks. I ordered the sword to be sharp and it definitely delivered. He loves it! It also comes with a cleaning cloth.

Hi Ari,

Thanks for an awesome feedback! It must have been a perfect gift for your partner, I'm glad we didn't disappoint. Enjoy!

--The American BladesPro Team

Zenitsu Agatsuma - Demon Slayer Replica Katana Sword

Thanks a lot for your positive rating Tosha!

--The American BladesPro Team

Eugeo Blue Rose Replica Sword - Sword Art Online

Thanks for leaving us a good rating William!

--The American BladesPro Team

Tengen Uzui - Demon Slayer Replica Swords

Thanks Jared for the 5-star review!

--The American BladesPro Team

It is such a beautiful sword. I love it.

Hi Scott,

We're so happy to hear that you loved your sword. Thanks for dropping us a feedback!

--The American BladesPro Team

Great sword

Awesome replica of O-Ren Ishii’s sword, highly recommend if you’re a Kill Bill fan

Hi Blake,

Glad you liked your new Kill Bill sword! Thanks for leaving us a feedback.

--The American BladesPro Team

Great katana overall

This was my first time purchasing one and they got everything about it right. I’m not sure if the engraving is actual engraving but either way, the katana holds well.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks so much for your feedback. We're happy to hear that our sword met your expectations. We use laser engraving for our swords and with proper care, your sword should hold up well over time.

--The American BladesPro Team

Nelliels Zanpakuto Review

Came in at a good time, great quality, satisfied with the purchase

That's awesome Josh! Glad to hear you're satisfied with the quality of your sword. It's a great addition to any collection.

--The American BladesPro Team


Great products, however the sword wasn’t the same color as depicted on the site so that was a little disappointing. Still a great looking sword though.

Hi Matt!
We are so happy to hear that you like your sword! We use studio lights to photograph all our products, so there may be some color differences, however we do specify all colors in the product description. We hope you enjoy your sword and we appreciate your feedback!
Thanks - The American BladesPro Team

Love it

Hi Milo, so happy to hear that you loved your sword! Thanks for sharing your review. --The American BladesPro Team

Really nice just what I wanted

Hi Maria,

So glad you're happy with your purchase. It's a great sword for demon slayer fans or sword collectors. Thanks a lot for leaving a review!

--The American BladesPro Team


Swords were great quality and shipping wasn’t bad at all! Was even worried and they answered my email in less than 24 hours! Excellent customer service and great swords! Even ordered more after!

Hi David,

Thanks for the kind words. We're so happy that you loved the swords! It's been a pleasure to assist you. Please feel free to browse through our store again or reach out anytime.

--The American BladesPro Team

Kill Bill "The Bride" Katana Samurai Sword

Thanks for the positive rating Dylan! We'll be happy to have you back in our store.

--The American BladesPro Team