Roronoa Zoro: The Three-Sworded Pirate Hunter

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Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア・ゾロ, Roronoa Zoro) is a key character in the One Piece series of anime and TV series. He's a rare breed, the only character to have mastered the "Three Sword Style" where he fights with three swords - one in each hand, and one in his mouth.

(Zoro from One Piece, is not to be confused with "Zorro", the American masked vigilante created in 1919 and depicted in many recreations since then).



Zoro joins Monkey D Luffy (One Piece's main character)'s group after being saved from certain death via execution. He is one of the protectors of the crew, having trained in martial arts and sword fighting since an early age in his village, Shimotsuki.


Roronoa Zoro - One Piece

Quirks: Getting Lost, Sleeping and Sake

Zoro isn't the best with directions and locations, and often goes to the wrong spot when called or with the intention of a purposeful visit. Some say he can 'even get lost when going in a straight line'. This became a running joke in the series, especially since he never wants to admit he gets lost, and is featured in several episodes of the show.

He's known as a 'solid sleeper' as he can often be found sleeping whilst out at sea, although he also trains very hard to refine his sword craft.

He loves to drink sake, but has a very high tolerance for alcohol and therefore almost never drinks too much.

Emergence as Pirate Hunter

In his first appearance (in 1997), Zoro was introduced as a criminal awaiting execution at a marine detention centre. His criminal background? Hunting and robbing pirates as a bounty hunter, to fund his living expenses such as accomodation and food. After being freed, Zoro agrees to join Duffy's crew and adopts the moniker of the Pirate Hunter due to his background.

This background also served he and the crew very well, as he is a talented swordsman and protector, which both gave him a useful trait and purpose, and helps the crew feel more protected. 


Roronoa Zoro is muscular, tall, and has many scars from his days as a bounty hunter and protector of Duffy's crew, in particular a very large scar from his left shoulder to his right hip.  He's well known for his crop of green hair -- and is often teased about it by his friend/rival Sanji who calls him 'moss head'.

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