Warriors, Sword History and More

These exclusive downloads -- one of the biggest projects we've ever undertaken here at BladesPro -- were compiled especially for you, our BladesPro VIP List Members.  They're not accessible to the general public.  These cover a range of (what we like to think are) very interesting topics for sword enthusiasts -- ranging from Eastern Warriors, Sword Types, History of Swordmaking, How Swords Are Made, and Female Warriors.  Click to download one or more, below.  Enjoy!
- The BladesPro Team

Eastern Warriors: Rulers, Backstabbers and Ninjas

A concise but detailed look at some of the most fascinating warriors the East has ever has produced.


Sword Types: From Samurai and Ninjas to Ancient China

In this unique step-by-step guide, we go in detail about the different types of swords. We give easy ways to tell them apart, as well as delve into their histories.


Against The Grain: Female Warriors, Legends Of Their Time

A an insider’s look into strong women in sword history.


Sword Development: A Long and Pointed History

A concise but detailed look at the fascinating development of swords through time and space.


The 7 Steps of Swordmaking

From Bar to Blade: An Insider’s Look At Swordsmiths’ Key Questions And Techniques