Naruto Uzumaki: The Hidden Leaf Village Prodigy and Key to the Naruto Series

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Naruto Uzumaki is the key protagonist in the Naruto series, which has sold over 250 million copies and spawned numerous TV shows and anime. Possessing many 'hero' attributes, Naruto is well-loved and has developed into a deeper character as time has progressed.

Background and Personality: The Bullied Orphan Emerges

Naruto grew up as a loveable but oft-ridiculed boy and teenager, having been bullied and made fun of through childhood. He dreamt of becoming a ninja and, eventually the Hokage (leader) of his village. He was orphaned at a young age and, growing up without parents, relied on the village for day-to-day coverage of costs and to get by.

A Young Naruto Uzumaki

Due to traumas of his childhood -- losing his parents and being bullied - Naruto is regarded as strange and boisterous, with a verbal tick and slower than normal in learning and understanding. However, he's quite self-aware and knows his strengths and weaknesses, and this works in his favour as he finds ways to overcome areas where he's not naturally gifted.

He likes specific foods (especially Ramen), and is a prankster, often playing pranks around the village in order to get attention.

Adulthood: Wising Up

As time goes on and Naruto develops into an adult, he matures somewhat and leaves many of his prankster, attention-seeking and self-conscious traits behind.

When he becomes a father later in life, he's somewhat unsure of how to 'be a dad', since he didn't have one growing up, but also relies on the village to help raise his children, which works in his favour.

Naruto - Older

Naruto Uzumaki in adulthood

Ninja Skills: Slow Starter, Strong Finisher

After failing the initial graduation from Ninja school three times (!), Naruto applied himself with gritty determination and developed his skills to an expert level. This gained respect and praise from his colleagues and teachers, and he (eventually) became known far and wide as a strong, clever and skilled ninja. He had many important wins in battle, and was a key figure in the Fourth Shinobi War.


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