Naruto: The Ninja With Over 250 Million Copies Sold

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Ever dreamed of becoming a ninja and rising to the top of your village? Welcome to Naruto.

Inside The Naruto Series: Book, Anime, TV series.. and 250 million fans

Naruto is a series of manga, TV episodes and books following Naruto Uzumaki - a young ninja living in a village, who aspires to improve his skills and knowledge with hopes of becoming a leader.

Initially released as a manga series, the author Masashi Kishimoto's stories were later adapted into book form featuring 72 volumes, as well as an animated TV series.

Naruto comes in two parts: The first part, having been released in 220 episodes from 2002-2007; and the sequel, featuring 500 episodes (!) over 10 years, from 2007-2017.

Naruto has spanned far and wide, selling over 250 million copies in dozens of countries. It's been featured as a New York Times best seller, and won numerous other awards - praised for its intriguing characters, exciting fight scenes and an engaging story.


Naruto Storyline: From Ninja In The Making To Battle Hero

In the series fictional world, Naruto lives in a hidden village in the Land of Fire. Following an attack on the village by a fox with special powers, the village leader -- Naruto's father -- captures the fox inside of his baby son, Naruto.  The father passes away, and it's not until 12 years later that a ninja clarifies to Naruto exactly what happened in the past.

Inspired, Naruto trains to become a ninja, competing against other ninjas-in-training along the way.  Part of the ninjas' missions include fatal attacks on rivals, performing chores needed around the village, and protecting other members of the ninja group and the village itself.

Naruto and his ninja team, once qualified, embark on several missions, one of which results in the choosing of a new village leader (Tsunade) when the previous leader is killed by a criminal.  Naruto, meanwhile, dreams of one day becoming the village leader himself.

In the second part of the series, we flash forward two years, and Naruto has returned from a long stint of training.  Rejoining with his previous team of ninjas, battles with rival clans ensue, several colleagues are killed, and revenge missions are undertaken.   Over time, wars break out and Naruto is often at the center of them, both in planning attacks as well as fighting for his team in battles.

Eventually, after a brutal war, Naruto marries his love and becomes the seventh "Hokage", village leader, ushering in a new generation. 

Character and Environment

Naruto and the story are based on Japanese culture, with the author having drawn inspiration from his native Okayama prefecture.

Naruto himself is a fun-loving prankster towards the beginning over the series.  Over time, he matures and becomes more serious, realising the importance of his friends (since he grew up without a family) and his role in protecting them.

After initial struggles with ninja training, Naruto eventually excels at specific techniques, namely one invented by his father, which becomes very powerful.  He eventually adds his own expansions to this technique. 

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