4 Best Blog Posts Of 2021: Leader of Soldiers, Roman Swords, Samurai Essentials and the Last Stand Swing-Sword

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It's been a big year, with many interesting and exciting topics covered on the BladesPro Blog, ranging from Military Leaders, to knives and swords, artwork, prominent characters in history, and more.  Here, we recap 4 of the best from 2021: The female leader of 70,000 Soldiers in China, Roman foot soldiers' choice of sword, Samurais' Long-Range Essential, and The "Last Stand" Swing-Sword from ancient India.

Princess Pingyang: Leader of 70,000 soldiers during civil unrest in China

After years of civil unrest within the Sui dynasty, a rebellion took place to remove Emperor Yang of Sui from the throne. Leading these brave rebels into battle was an unlikely heroine named, Princess Pingyang. Read on to find out how she rallied an army of 70,000 soldiers and became the most influential woman in the Tang dynasty.


The Roman Gladius: A Foot Soldier's Choice

The Roman Gladius was a sword born by the foot soldiers of Ancient Rome. Due to its size, it was particularly useful in very close combat situations - easy to wield, easy to thrust, easy to hold, and - most importantly - very lethal at close range. Learn more about this important sword, widely used in the Roman Army.


The Nagamaki: A Samurai's Long-Range Essential

Believed to be first introduced in the Heian Period (794 to 1185), the nagamaki was a Japanese sword carried by many Samurai. The blade was forged to take down larger enemies and attack from a long-range. Discover how the nagamaki became a staple sword for Samurai living in feudal Japan.


Khanda sword: The Double-Edged "Last Stand" Swing-Sword

Surrounded by a large number of enemy soldiers, and need a heavy, long, intimidating tool to get you out of trouble?
Meet the Khanda: An imposing, strong and simultaneously beautiful blade, dating back to third century India.