4 Best Blog Posts Of 2022: Demon Slayer, Naruto,The Haladie Knife and Xiphos of The Spartans

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It's been a fascinating year, with more captivating and engaging topics published on the BladesPro Blog - ranging from samurai warriors, samurai festivals, ancient knives and swords, to modern day anime series and popular characters. Here, we compile the top 4 blogs that best entertained our readers in 2022: Demon Slayer, Naruto,The Haladie Knife and Xiphos of The Spartans.

Demon Slayer Swords and Characters: The Highest-Grossing Anime Film Of All Time

Demon Slayer (Japanese: Kimetsu no Yaiba) is an animated, sword-fighting action adventure TV series created in Japan, which was first released in 2019.. Read on to find out more about this popular anime that captured the interest of many and the fascinating characters behind it.


Naruto: The Ninja With Over 250 Million Copies Sold

Naruto is a series of manga, TV episodes and books following Naruto Uzumaki - a young ninja living in a village, who aspires to improve his skills and knowledge with hopes of becoming a leader. Learn more about his adventures in his quest to becoming the Hokage.


The Haladie Knife: The Indian Rajput Double-Wielder

The haladie knife was born in ancient India and Syria, and bears a double curved blade on a single hilt. Talk about an ingeniously built piece for up-close attacks!


Xiphos of The Spartans: Double-Edged Ancient Greek Sword

The Spartans have one of the fiercest reputations in warrior history.  The Xiphos sword was one of their premier weapons - in this article, we explore its background, features and uses.